from burn-out to freedom

The Accidental Solopreneur


Dennis Geelen's new hit book is getting rave reviews from solopreneurs around the globe.Follow along in this parable as Alex Green goes through a bumpy journey of self reflection, making some major and well needed changes to his mindset and habits.A burnt-out workaholic, Alex leaves the corporate world behind, eventually finding a roadmap for a fulfilling life as a solopreneur.Use the tips, tactics, and learnings from Alex’s adventure to help give you a playbook for success in your own solopreneur journey.

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Praise for The Accidental Solopreneur

“Most of the entrepreneurial stories we read are written about legendary entrepreneurs. While that’s great, hindsight bias is strong. That means these stories rarely give a true account of the entrepreneurial journey.Dennis Geelen’s The Accidental Solopreneur is different. We get to follow along as Alex Green goes from burnt out corporate exec to a happy solopreneur. Alex's journey is messy—as is so common in real life—but it’s also inspiring and hopeful.Whether you’re sick of climbing the corporate ladder and looking for a change or you’re already in the depths of your entrepreneurship journey and seeking affirmation that you’re on the right path, you’ll find what you need in The Accidental Solopreneur.”
- Katelyn Bourgoin, CEO of Customer Camp
"Part entrepreneurial playbook and roadmap, part John Grisham page-turner. If you're in business to win, you won't be able to put it down.This is a real-life book that feels as personal as an autobiography accompanied by practical real-life insights every entrepreneur needs to know to thrive in today’s world. Brilliant. Congratulations.”
- David Brier, Award Winning Author of 'Brand Intervention’
“This is a must-read about finding your best life, about being open to a path less travelled that might liberate and empower you: solopreneurship. Our protagonist Alex’s journey is one many of us can relate to where you question the value of climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, and the impact it has on work-life balance.Is the tradeoff worth the toll to your mental and physical health? Family and friend time?If chasing promotions for material things isn’t what makes you truly happy or even content, we see through Alex that there is, indeed, another viable option to feeling burnout much of the time. We learn there comes incredible freedom from going out on your own, and challenging yourself to be resourceful, resilient, and adaptable in building your own venture.He doesn’t romanticize the transition from employee to entrepreneur yet the blueprint Alex shares with us shows us that by designing and shaping your own destiny, you—and everyone around you—will come out all the better for it.”
- Neil Morton, Serial Entrepreneur and Community Builder
“Weaved into an entertaining story, Dennis Geelen generously shares his insights and experience, helping everyone who considers going solo to get a head start. This book convinces through its brilliant combination of depth, relatability, and numerous practical and timeless lessons on building a sustainable and successful business from scratch. Whether you are playing with the idea of starting your own business or are an established business owner, pick up this book, learn, and save some sleepless nights.”
- Thomas Lahnthaler, Author of Navigating Beyond Crisis & Founder of The Crisis Compass and Groundwork
“Dennis Geelen does a fantastic job of bringing together the best bits of startup-solopreneur advice from both his own experiences and many trusted external sources, and cleverly crafts these into a believable and engaging parable containing characters that we can all relate to. When you combine these invaluable lessons weaved into the story, we’re rewarded with a corporate-to-solopreneur transition playbook for success.”
- Karl Sandland, Founder of BrightCX LTD
“A timely and powerful story about the courage to change your career to improve your health, wellness, and happiness. Chronic stress and burnout are critical issues that impact more than an employee or workplace, but it impacts families who lose the mental and physical presence of a loved one. This is a must read for people needing the encouragement to create a different experience for themselves and their family.”
- Jennifer Dole, former software executive turned solopreneur
“Using storytelling from the point of view of a dissatisfied, ready-to-escape corporate leader, author Dennis Geelen draws the visual picture and thought pattern of the issues facing a new solopreneur. The wave of emotions and how it affects lifestyle choices is described, and lived, through the characters. Through the main character Alex’s journey, we find the entrepreneurial spirit in us and root for his success. What a great read for anyone thinking of going out on their own!”
- Sandra Lynn, Serial Entrepreneur / Consultant
“This beautiful story is about changing your life, taking pleasure in the beauty of ‘enough,’ and building a future as a solopreneur. In the journey from burnt-out executive to a successful and fulfilled solopreneur, Alex encounters many challenges to overcome and discovers that true happiness is not about achievements, but rather how you spend your time. This is a must read for anyone that wants to take control of their own destiny and become a solopreneur.”
- Kevin McDonnell, CEO & Founder of The Digital Health Consultancy
“Dennis Geelen does an amazing job of crafting an engaging story that many people can relate to. They have struggled for years climbing the corporate ladder. They are burnt out. They want something different. If you are considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship, READ this book!”
- Daniel C. Burkholder, Entrepreneur / Marketing Coach
“This story of a burnt-out corporate employee is one that I instantly found myself relating to. Dennis does a great job highlighting the issues that many of us face in a corporate setting, how it spills over to family life, our health, and quality of life overall. He doesn't shy away from talking about the harsh realities of working for a company or working for yourself.Having done it himself, Dennis is able to pull you into the main character’s experiences, emotions, and internal struggles. Whether you’re just starting out on your solopreneur journey or still in corporate considering the idea, this book will pave a path for you that you can start to walk on.”
- Pathik Parikh, Founder and CEO of Parikh Ventures LLC
“Not your average ‘guide’ on how to become a solopreneur. Dennis Geelen weaves vital lessons into a story that’s as easy to read as it is practical. The book covers not only the shifts in marketing and perspectives as a business owner but also highlights the mindset shifts, which are often overlooked. Looking to create your own business, this book will provide you with the solid foundation to succeed.”
- Karen Grill, Persuasion Strategist & Business Coach
“Dennis Geelen takes you on the solopreneur’s journey through the eyes of Alex, an overworked, overstressed corporate exec who steps out on his own to find peace and fulfillment. The story grabs you and pulls you in with relatable characters and emotional intensity. You experience first-hand the pivotal steps along the way. This is a roadmap for getting the life you want, told through a powerful, engaging narrative. Anyone looking for inspiration and guidance on the path to solopreneurship should read this book!”
- Will Kersten, Copywriting and Messaging Strategist